9B Building Setup

 the 9B Building Setup is a systematic and multifaceted approach to creating an educational infrastructure that not only meets regulatory requirements but also fosters an environment conducive to quality education and training.

Our services in this field can include:

Needs assessment and consultation:

Evaluate the educational and administrative space requirements and consider necessary consultations.

ASQA compliance assessment:

Ensure compliance with the standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), which oversees education and training.

Source suitable properties:

Select an appropriate property for the educational and administrative process is crucial.

Design and plan development:

Create accurate plans and designs for the building and educational spaces.

Project management:

Supervise the overall project implementation, from initiation to completion.

Accessibility audits:

Assess building accessibility to ensure ease of access for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

Building modifications:

Implement physical modifications to the building based on specific needs and established standards.

Documentation and certification:

Record and document all stages and information related to the process and obtain necessary certifications.


Install signs and symbols required for guidance and information within the building.

Furniture, equipment, tools, and material selection and supply:

Choose and procure educational equipment and necessities.

Ongoing compliance maintenance:

Ensure that the building and educational processes consistently adhere to standards and official regulations.