At RTO DYNAMICS, our endeavor is to provide the best services for you by combining expertise and innovation. Our team members are recognised as experts in the field of :

  • RTO Registration & Scope
  • Site and Desk Audits
  • RTO Business Support Services
  • Onsite and online PD workshops
  • 9B Building Setup
  • AR and VR training tools.


Nasser is a passionate Vocational Education professional who has extensive knowledge and experience in adult learning and has been working in the education industry for more than 15 years.  

Nasser benefits a variety of skills including setting up business structures, policy making and implementation, designing learning and assessment tools, setting up 9B buildings, and ASQA compliance. Besides, Nasser also trains for courses such as “Building and Construction”, “Project Management”, “Quality Auditing” at Cert IV and Diploma levels, to local and international students all over Australia and has created a wide network in the vocational education of Australia. 

He has been working with the international student for more than three years, in sequence, now and has experience in providing services that meet the requirements of these students. 

Meet Mehran, a seasoned building practitioner and trainer with a decade of hands-on experience. As a VBA registered practitioner and skilled carpenter, Mehran excels in residential and commercial development, renovation, and maintenance projects. With a passion for education, he has over four years of expertise in vocational training, shaping the next generation of professionals. 

At RTO Dynamics, Mehran leads comprehensive consulting services for Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) and colleges. His sharp eye for detail and strategic approach transform project management processes, ensuring institutions meet industry standards. Mehran’s unique blend of practical knowledge and academic insights drives excellence, making him the ideal partner for your projects and educational initiatives. 

Lynn, a dedicated professional with a rich history in the RTO industry dating back to 2014. Lynn’s journey began in Perth, where they started as an assistant to Training and HR Managers. Swiftly climbing the ranks, Lynn took charge of the English Department and became the Assistant Campus Manager at the RTO’s second campus. 

In Perth, Lynn served as a meticulous Training Administrator, ensuring all trainer attendances were recorded and assessment results accurately entered into the system. Since relocating to Melbourne, Lynn has worn multiple hats, excelling in roles ranging from reception and admissions to managing accounts, both payables and receivables. Lynn’s versatility extends to bilingual translation for management. 

With a comprehensive understanding of RTO operations gained through hands-on experience, self-research, and mentorship under a Compliance Manager since 2019, Lynn is a vital asset. Lynn’s expertise ensures compliance and excellence across diverse areas of RTO management. Partner with Lynn for a seamless and compliant RTO experience