RTO Business Support Services

We intelligently execute marketing strategies tailored to your needs. Our goal is to attract precise and targeted students.

Our support services include providing systems and services to address student and instructor issues, as well as offering solutions for progression in the education path.

For continuous improvement of courses and educational programs, we conduct detailed analyses and implement optimisation measures.

Tailoring to your needs, we focus on setting up dedicated physical spaces, from offices to classrooms and workshops.

Marketing and Recruitment

Marketing Strategy

These services include: developing tailored marketing strategies for the RTO, after providing insights on market and competition analysis and conducting the internal and external analysis of the RTO

Advertising and Social Media

These services may encompass online advertising (such as Google and Facebook ads) and offline advertising (such as radio, television, and print ads).

Enrollment Process

Designing and implementing simple and effective enrollment processes for the RTO programs and courses

Communication Management

Establishing and maintaining effective communication channels with current and prospective students and clients.

Advertising Performance Evaluation

This includes a detailed analysis of advertising data, identifying more effective advertising channels, and improving advertising methods.

Feedback Collection

These services involve gathering feedback from current and past students to enhance the best educational experience.

Support and progression


Counseling Services

Providing guidance and support for students facing academic, personal, or career-related challenges.

Technical Support

Offering assistance with the use of educational technology, online platforms, and other tools.

Learning Resources

Ensuring that students have access to the necessary materials and resources to support their learning journey.

Accessibility Services

Catering to the needs of diverse learners, including those with disabilities, to ensure equal access to education.


Professional Development

Offering opportunities for staff members to enhance their skills and knowledge through workshops, training sessions, and other developmental programs.

Student Advancement

Supporting students in their educational journey by providing pathways for further learning, skill development, and career progression.

Performance Evaluation

Regularly assessing and reviewing the performance of both students and staff to identify areas for improvement and ensure the overall quality of education and services

Course/Program Optimisation

Content Enhancement

In RTOs, course optimisation entails enhancing and expanding content through a detailed evaluation of materials, updating information, and integrating new content to deliver comprehensive and current education.

Improving Delivery Methods

optimising courses requires improving delivery methods. This involves employing effective teaching approaches, practical activities, and, utilising education technologies to increase student interaction and boost effective learning

Feedback and Improve System

Continuous improvement of the training program through implementing feedback is an important part of course optimisation which will positively impact the student learning experience.

Course Performance Evaluation

As part of the course optimisation process, we evaluate and analyse the enrollment, completion and skill levels achieved to define the performance of the current program and use the findings to optimise the training program.

Facility (office, classroom, workshop) setup

Efficient layout and design of the office space allows effective handling of administrative activities and facilitates the communication with the students.

Effective delivery also involves creating and organising classroom spaces, furnishing them with the required equipment and installing technologies required for delivery

Effective layout, arrangement and setup of the education work shop is important in ensuring we are making the best use of the workshop using its maximum capacity and ensure we comply with different regulatory requirements