Site & Desk Audits :

RTO Consultancy Tailored to Your Needs

RTO DYNAMICS offers comprehensive site and desk audits to ensure the execution of the RTO standards across your RTO business.

Our audits can be strategically planned to address your unique needs. For instance, you may prefer a recurring desk audit with a different focus each month or a combination of desk and site audits covering all Registered Training Organization (RTOs) 2015 standards. We can customize a plan to suit your requirements.

Upon completion of the audit, you’ll receive a detailed audit report outlining necessary corrections.

You have the flexibility to implement the corrections yourself, invite us to execute them on your behalf, or request our assistance in coaching and overseeing your staff during the correction process.

Consider individual or combined audits conducted by RTO Dynamics for a personalised approach to excellence.

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Audit Preparation

Objective: Preparation for external audits or reviews, which may be conducted by regulatory bodies or accreditation agencies

Step 1

Reviewing documentation to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

Step 2

Conducting internal audits to identify and address potential issues.

Step 3

Implementing corrective actions based on previous audit findings.

Step 4

Ensuring that policies and procedures are up-to-date and followed.

Site & Desk Audits

Coaching for Trainers and Assessors

Objective: Guidance and support for trainers and assessors to improve their skills and performance.

1.Providing constructive feedback on delivery and assessment practices.

2.Offering professional development opportunities.

3.Creating a collaborative and reflective learning environment.

4.Supporting trainers and assessors in adapting to changes in educational methodologies.

Assessment Validation

Reviewing assessment tools to ensure they align with learning outcomes and industry standards.

Conducting moderation meetings where assessors to discuss and validate assessment decisions.

Using feedback from industry experts, students, and assessors to refine assessments.

Documenting the validation process to demonstrate compliance with quality assurance requirements.

Audit Preparation

Formative Assessment Tools

Used during the learning process to provide feedback for improvement.

Summative Assessment Tools

Used at the end of a learning period to evaluate student achievement.

Authentic Assessment Tools

Mimic real-world scenarios to assess practical skills.