Virtual Reality (VR)
Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR Training and Assessment Tools

1. Needs Analysis:
 This stage involves evaluating the learning needs of individuals and organisations. learning  needs include the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to the tasks. This analysis is used for designing learning courses and programs.

2. Content Development:
 Creating learning content based on the analysed needs. This includes developing instructional materials, videos, slideshows, and other learning resources.

3. Platform Development:
Creating or developing online learning systems that allow individuals to access learning  content.

4. Hardware and Software Procurement:
 Procuring and providing the necessary information technology equipment and software tools for the execution of courses and learning platforms.

5. Integration in the LMS:

  •  Integrating learning platforms with the Learning Management System (LMS) for managing courses, assessments, and tracking student progress.
  • Reviewing and implementing the standards and regulations of the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) Quality Framework (ASQA) to ensure the delivery of quality education and compliance with national standards.

6. ASQA compliance


7. User Support:
 Providing support services to students and members of the educational institution, including addressing technical questions, resolving technical issues, and enhancing the user experience.